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Breakage Replacement Guarantee

Through intensive Research and Development Tee-Fork has been able to evolve into a unique world beating design that amongst several other features offers a Breakage Replacement Guarantee. Should you break the tee (under normal playing conditions*) simply return the broken tee directly to us with proof of purchase and we will replace your tee completely FREE of CHARGE.

Tee-Fork is a patented protected design.

Tee-Fork guarantee

Well - that's quite unique. During extensive development and under normal playing conditions, one 50mm Tee-Fork was used by a scratch player for more than ten rounds (over 180 tee shots) without showing any signs of wear and tear so if you've broken yours that's some head speed! You smashed it - in more ways than one. We'd love to hear about your experience and what lead to breaking the tee so we can continue to develop our products where possible. Simply fill out the form below marking it Returns in the subject field and a member of our team will be in touch.

Your Tee-Fork must have been used for golf, under reasonable normal playing conditions* and you must also provide a valid sales invoice/receipt for Tee-Fork. Returns are for like-for-like Tee-Fork.

No money alternative is implied or given.

* Tee-Fork are not to be used off matts or driving ranges and returns will not be made if tee is broken under these playing conditions.

Playing temperature between 5 degrees centrigrade up to 32 degrees centrigrade.

Oh dear - you've broken your tee? You're one in a million.

Thanks! Message sent.

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