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"I love it. It's so simple and easy to use".

Player with 30 years


"It's the first thing I

make sure I have

with me - essential".

Player with 2 years


"I actually repair the

pitch marks now".

Player with 5 years


"I take Tee-Fork for granted now".

Player with 3 years


"We both use them - I buy them and he pinches them!".

Players with 10 years


"It cuts down on all the rubbish in my pockets - it works".

Player with 1 years


"It feels so good in my hand - I just play better".

Player with 9 years


For golfs' sake - save our greens

Tee-Fork is so much more than just a two-in-one tee and pitch mark repairer. Yes it it can help you repair and in return save our greens but the benefits don't stop there. It has a unique repair replacement guarantee, gives consistent tee height and has a cup that has been designed to increase Ball Carry, increase Ball Speed, increase Launch Angle, decrease Back Spin, increase Penetrating Ball Flight, Improve Ball Compression Dynamics and Higher Distance Gains.

Winners use Tee-Fork.

It doesn't stop there...

Tee-Fork has been designed with you in mind. The unique pocket safe feature allows you to keep it in your pocket while playing safe in the knowledge that it won't spike your fingers when you need it or make holes in your pockets. Making sure you are able to benefit from all these features whether a four ball on a Wednesday or your Saturday comps' is important and with that in mind Tee-Fork does not infringe R&A rules no matter what size you choose. Tee-Fork - the product of intense research and design resulting in the ultimate tee for every player.

It's so much more.

Distance. Durability. Design.

Cut down on what you buy and carry when you are on the course, improve your game and look after our greens. Tee-Fork - the small change with big returns is the no-compromise solution that you can use time and time again.  Ask at your local pro-shop.

Our best tee ever

delivers time after time.

No matter what you play off and no matter

if you prefer a wooden or plastic tee

Tee-Fork is the tee that continues to

give. Distance, durability and the ability

to act as a functional tool on the green

secures the position of Tee-Fork at

the head of the pack. Ask your pro shop.

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